having the qualities of two different things


in-betweens follows ten Asian/Asian-American individuals back to their ancestral roots, challenging the concept of identity, what it means to be asian, and what home means to each person. in-betweens challenges the expectations by inviting a discussion with the viewers about what it means to be East Asian, Southeast Asian, and South Asian for this current generation.



relating to where a person lives


Travel docs are traditionally created by and for euro-americans; revolving around them discovering new and unknown places.This format leans on the history and traditions of colonialism, In-betweens will be antithetical to that idea; instead of discovering, we are using the form of a travelogue to re-discover these foreign places we call home, in order for us to reclaim spaces, traditions, identity.



strange and unfamiliar


Whatever our background, being an asian/asian-american in the US feels that we are too foreign for our asian relatives or families, but we are too foreign enough to be for america. we are always in-between of two different cultures, the west and the east, not being enough for one or the other. The feeling of being in-between often times makes us question ourselves about who we really are.

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